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The Chirang Polytechnic has been established in the district of Chirang (Assam) with the incorporation of three Departments, namely, (i) Department of Civil Engineering, (ii) Department of Electrical Engineering & (iii) Department of Agriculture Engineering. The overview of the Departments have been discussed below:

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is one of the most vital branch among all the branches in Engineering. Department of Civil Engineering at Chirang Polytechnic was established in the year 2020 and has become fully functional from the academic year 2020-21 with skillful faculty members/staffs and 60 (Sixty) intake capacity for ambitious students. The Department provides 3 (three) years Diploma Course covering all the aspects of Civil Engineering to meet the ascending demands of various advanced construction sectors augmented with scientific technologies and creation/development of different infrastructure of the nation. The course structure of this domain is prepared by AICTE. The aim is to train the students in a versatile way to make them fit for this profession and to create technically sound human resources. The Department envelopes various sub-domains of Civil Engineering such as Transportation, Geo-technic, Surveying, Irrigation, Hydraulics, Environment, Hydrology, Strength of Material, Engineering Mechanics, Building Material and Construction, Structural Design, Structural Analysis etc. The department has inbuilt separate laboratories for all the core sub-domains and all the laboratories are equipped with sufficient instruments for the smooth conduct of the course structure.

Electrical Engineering

The Department of Electrical Engineering deals with a wide range of studies related to the design and evaluation along with the manufacturing, testing, installing and operating of various electrical and electronic components. This Department of Chirang Polytechnic intends to provide quality education to the students with proper training and guidance in order to make them expert in working with the array of equipment and machinery. The Department has several laboratories, such as Machinery Lab, Power Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Elements of Electronics and Devices (EED) & Fundamental of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (FEEE) Lab, Electrical Measurement and Measuring Instruments (EMMI) Lab. All these laboratories are equipped with modern technologies having a large number of electrical and electronic instruments, machines, components and related accessories. With these facilities, the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chirang polytechnic aims to provide quality teachings to create skilled Diploma Engineers and manpower so that they can compete in the relevant job market in the present or future day scenario.

Agriculture Engineering

The Department of Agriculture Engineering has been introduced in Chirang Polytechnic, Bijni Assam in the year 2020 with an intake capacity of 60 seats. The Department has become fully functional from the academic year 2020-21 in October, 2020. It provides courses with an objective to deal with the applications of engineering principles and novel scientific technologies and inventions in the field/area of agriculture for sustainable, profitable and increased agricultural productions in order to meet the food demands of the ever increasing population of the State and the Country. The Course Structure & Syllabus for the Diploma Course have been designed in such a way that it shall create skilled and technically sound human resources in the form of Agriculture Engineers. The Department covers various sectors of Agriculture Engineering such as Farm Power & Farm Mechanization, Irrigation and Drainage, Soil and Water Conservation, Surveying & Levelling, Post-Harvest Technologies and Post-Harvest Operations of Crops, Value Addition, Renewable Energy, Hydrology, Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, etc. The Branch is also equipped with laboratories of different thrust areas such as Water Resources Laboratory, Farm Machinery Laboratory, Hydrology Laboratory, Food Engineering Laboratory which shall benefit the students and other researchers with fruitful practical knowledge in the particular fields.